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Motorcycles mean freedom. This freedom gives us the power to go whenever and wherever we want to. But there’s a serious downside.

If something bad happened to you on the road, no one would know. Minutes and even hours can pass before you get help. This can be fatal.

The Moto SOS Locator ® is an emergency notification and telematics system that automatically detects if you and your motorcycle had an accident. It then alerts the emergency services with the GPS coordinates of the accident.
Our system also has a built in anti-theft features that will keep your bike safe even when you are not riding it.

We help motorcyclists
increase their safety

Crash detection and notification system

Moto SOS Locator ® crash notification system is best in class when it comes to crash detection reliability and a rapid response. It only takes 30 seconds to send alerts to the local emergency services from the moment of the accident.

Anti-Theft system

Our 24/7 anti-theft system can operate autonomously of the motorcycle battery. Moto SOS Locator ® anti-theft system comes with an extra level of security.

Insuretech ready

Telematic devices are digitally transforming the insurance industry. We want to make sure that your data and privacy won’t be abused while ensuring you get an insurance service that is tailor made for your needs.


We’re still in the process of developing the product. If you’re interested in obtaining a Moto SOS Locator ®, please fill in the survey.
We’ll let you know as soon as we’re about to launch.

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